The Ultimate Guide to Fall Wine Tasting in Bordeaux


Unveiling the hidden gems of Bordeaux's vineyards during autumn

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If youʻre booking your trip to Bordeaux last minute, we have you covered. Below are some of the top tours and experiences!
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1. Visit Château Margaux

Discover the prestigious Château Margaux, known for its exceptional wines and stunning architecture. Take a guided tour of the vineyards and cellar, and indulge in a wine tasting session with the region's finest vintages.


2. Explore Château Haut-Brion

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Château Haut-Brion while you taste their elegant red and white wines. Enjoy a stroll through their beautiful gardens and vineyards, and learn about the traditional winemaking techniques used for centuries.


3. Discover Château Lafite Rothschild

Experience the opulence of Château Lafite Rothschild, one of Bordeaux's most renowned wineries. Marvel at the grandeur of the estate, learn about their sustainable winemaking practices, and savor their highly sought-after wines during a tantalizing tasting session.


4. Indulge in a Wine and Cheese Pairing at Château Mouton Rothschild

Treat your taste buds to a sensory delight at Château Mouton Rothschild. Delve into the art of wine and cheese pairing as you savor a selection of their top-notch Bordeaux wines alongside perfectly matched, artisanal cheeses.


5. Embark on a Wine Cruise along the Garonne River

Take a scenic wine cruise along the Garonne River and discover the charm of Bordeaux's vineyards from a unique perspective. Enjoy tastings of local wines on board while admiring the picturesque landscapes and historic châteaux dotting the riverbanks.


6. Learn about Biodynamic Winemaking at Château Palmer

Immerse yourself in the world of biodynamic winemaking at Château Palmer. Explore their vineyards, learn about their holistic approach to winemaking, and taste their biodynamic wines, which reflect the authentic terroir of the region.


7. Experience Wine Blending at Château Beychevelle

Unleash your inner winemaker at Château Beychevelle, where you can participate in a wine blending workshop. Create your own unique blend using different grape varieties under the guidance of a skilled winemaker, and savor the fruits of your labor afterward.


8. Enjoy a Sunset Wine Tasting at Château Smith Haut Lafitte

Witness a breathtaking sunset while indulging in a wine tasting experience at Château Smith Haut Lafitte. Sample their exquisite wines amidst the beautiful vineyards, and let the serene ambiance enhance your appreciation of the flavors in your glass.


9. Visit the Bordeaux Wine Museum

Enhance your wine knowledge with a visit to the Bordeaux Wine Museum. Discover the history, culture, and diversity of Bordeaux wines through interactive exhibits, educational displays, and captivating videos. Don't forget to sample some local wines at the end of your visit.


10. Go on a Cycling Wine Tour in Médoc

Combine two beloved activities and embark on a cycling wine tour in the prestigious Médoc region. Pedal through scenic vineyards, stop at renowned châteaux for tastings, and enjoy the beauty of the countryside while indulging in the wonderful flavors of Bordeaux's wines.