Experience Bordeaux's Vibrant Summer Spirit


Celebrate summer in Bordeaux with our exciting range of activities

1. Wine Tasting Extravaganza

Bordeaux is renowned worldwide for its exceptional wines, and what better way to experience the vibrant summer spirit than by indulging in a wine tasting extravaganza? Book a guided tour of the region's famous vineyards and taste the finest Bordeaux has to offer. From elegant reds to refreshing whites, this activity will surely satisfy every wine lover's palate.


2. Cruise the Garonne River

Embark on a scenic cruise along the Garonne River and soak in the mesmerizing views of Bordeaux's charming riverbanks. Marvel at the city's stunning architecture, including the iconic Place de la Bourse, as you glide through the calm waters. Whether it's a romantic sunset cruise or a daytime adventure, this is a must-do activity during the vibrant summer season.


3. Explore Bordeaux's Historic District

Immerse yourself in Bordeaux's rich history by exploring its historic district. Wander through the cobbled streets and admire the beautiful architecture, from Gothic cathedrals to elegant mansions. Don't miss the iconic Saint-André Cathedral and the Place du Parlement, both standing testament to Bordeaux's storied past.


4. Visit the Cité du Vin

Discover the world of wine at the Cité du Vin, a unique museum dedicated entirely to Bordeaux's most famous export. Learn about the history of winemaking, explore interactive exhibits, and even enjoy a wine tasting session overlooking the city. Don't forget to take in the panoramic view from the rooftop terrace!


5. Attend a Wine Festival

Join the festivities and celebrate Bordeaux's love affair with wine at one of its vibrant wine festivals. From the prestigious Bordeaux Wine Festival to smaller local events, immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, taste exquisite wines, and enjoy live music and entertainment. It's an experience that will certainly add a touch of magic to your summer visit.


6. Take a Gourmet Food Tour

Indulge your taste buds with a gourmet food tour of Bordeaux. Sample delectable treats like local cheeses, cured meats, fresh oysters, and, of course, mouthwatering pastries. Join a guided tour to discover the city's culinary hotspots and learn about Bordeaux's vibrant food scene. This is a delicious way to experience the summer spirit.


7. Discover Bordeaux's Street Art

Take a creative journey through Bordeaux's streets and discover its vibrant street art scene. From colorful murals to thought-provoking installations, the city is a canvas for local and international artists. Take a self-guided walking tour or join a street art tour to explore Bordeaux's urban art galleries and immerse yourself in its contemporary culture.


8. Attend an Outdoor Concert

Immerse yourself in Bordeaux's lively music scene by attending an outdoor concert. From classical symphonies to modern pop performances, the city's parks and squares come alive with memorable shows during the summer months. Grab a blanket, sit back, and let the music wash over you in a truly enchanting setting.


9. Visit Bordeaux's Castles

Step into Bordeaux's fairytale past and visit its magnificent castles. Explore the grand Château de La Brède, known for inspiring the writings of renowned philosopher Montesquieu, or visit the stunning Château de Roquetaillade, which offers guided tours and breathtaking architecture. Uncover the history, romance, and beauty that lie within Bordeaux's castles.


10. Join a Local Cooking Class

Discover the secrets of French cuisine by joining a local cooking class in Bordeaux. Learn to prepare classic dishes with fresh local ingredients, guided by expert chefs. From crafting the perfect baguette to mastering the art of making delicate pastries, this hands-on culinary experience will allow you to bring a taste of Bordeaux home.