Some Appellations (AOC) of the Médoc include St.Estèphe, Paulliac, St. Julien,  Margaux, Moulis, Médoc, Haut  Médoc, and Listrac-Médoc.

Médoc is the largest and most famous Bordeaux wine region and the undisputed home of Cabernet Sauvignon. North of the city of Bordeaux and beginning at the top of Europe’s widest eco-rich estuary on the left bank of the Gironde lies the famous Médoc (Latin, In Medeo Aqua, meaning in the middle of the water). Some believe the vines reach their peak of excellence here. Home to the Great Classified Growths of 1855, the Médoc produces some of the most celebrated wines in the world and has more than its share of famous chateaux. In Médoc you will find 61 chateaux with the 1855 Grand Crus Classes and 419 Crus Bourgeois classifications (1932 - 1978).

As you discover this wonderful area don’t forget to sample some of the best restaurants who know the art of pairing wine with food! Tour the Médoc by car or bike stopping at the towns of Margaux and Paulliac to sample the best. Château d’Issan is the home of the famous Cruse family and one of Medoc’s oldest and most beautiful châteaux.  You may visit the "chai" or wine storage areas and taste their exquisite wines. The town of Margaux is surrounded by a dozen Crue Classé chateaux within three square kilometers.

One of the famous chateaux is the white pillared Châteaux Margaux, exemplary of the region where the perfection of the red wine comes together. At Pauillac you will find the world famous Château Lafite–Rosthschild. Here taste a Médoc Premier Cru Classé to experience one of the reasons why you came to Bordeaux!  Wines of the Médoc have proven to become even more powerful with age with some taking decades to reach their peak. The appellations of the Medoc produce some of the most dynamic and exciting wines and don't ignore the less well-known chateaux for superlative value and taste.


The Maison des Vins throughout the Médoc are excellent venues for tasting and learning about local châteaux. Resta/restaurantsurant hosts are another great source of local information… as well as fine regional food of course! Whether you find accommodation in nearby Bordeaux or in charming small hotels among the vines, a study of Médoc will be your easiest homework ever!