Telephone and Mobile

EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS PAGE – These are located along the motorways to be used for breakdowns, medical emergencies and accidents. (orange boxes) 


  • International calls from France:  dial 00 + country code + number
  • Calls to France from European countries:  dial 00, the country code for France, 33, then the number. Telephone numbers are written as follows: +33 (0)x xx xx xx xx (do not dial the first 0 in the number).
  • Calls to France from North America: dial 011, 33, then the number. 
  • Calls within France: dial 0x xx xx xx xx

TELEPHONE CARDS: These are available at post offices, railway stations, airports, tobacconists’, cafes, and news kiosks where you see the sign "TELECARTE EN VENTE ICI" 

MOBILES: To use a foreign mobile or cell phone in France and avoid huge "roaming" charges you can purchase a SIM card which will give you a French mobile number and allow you to make and receive calls in France. You pay €20 - €30 for a connection to one of the French networks and choose between a monthly contract or pay-as-you go talk card (top ups for  €10, €20 , €35) Note: if you want to keep your mobile number and avoid the reconnection charge you must top this up at least twice a year. You can also set up an international  SIM "contract" in your home country. (eg. UK

PUBLIC PHONES: Telephone boxes can be found in all towns, villages, post offices, railway stations, airports, many bars and cafes.  These phones accept telephone cards (télécarte) but some will accept credit cards.  Most railway stations and airports will accept major foreign credit cards.  It’s convenient but expensive as some credit card phones will charge you €2 each time the card is used. To avoid repeated charges when making more than one call, look for a "follow on" button.  Some hotels will impose a 100 to 200 percent surcharge on phone calls.  Look for a public phone in the lobby!
TGV – High speed trains have public phones usually one in first class, one in second and a third in the bar car which allow domestic and international calling.
WIFI - France has an extensive free WIFI network especially in public places such as airports and train stations. A partial list of WIFI spots can help you locate WIFI.