Tax Free Shopping

Tax Free Shopping

You may qualify for a 12% or 16% refund of tax or VAT (Value Added Tax) on purchases made during your stay in France. To claim a refund takes a bit of organization and discipline but if you are making large purchases and particularly in the same shop its worthwhile and you may want to read on. 


To qualifying for a tax refund:

  • You must be over 15 years of age

  • Only residents from non-EU countries are eligible.

  • You must export the goods within 3 months of purchase

  • You need a valid Customs stamp on final departure from the EU

  • Spend over €183 including VAT or tax 

  • Show your passport at time of purchase to claim tax.

Note: Not valid for tax refund – food, travel, services, alterations and repairs.

Getting Your Tax Back 

  • When making purchases at major stores or boutiques ask for a "Tax Free Shopping France Invoice" and an addressed envelop.  

  • When departing the EU, have your shop invoices stamped at airport customs.  

  • Mail back the validated pink copies within three months using the stamped addressed envelope given to you by the stores when you make your purchases.