Medical Information

France has the longest life expectancy in the world after Japanand has some of the best medical facilities, doctors and health care specialists in the world. If anything should happen to you while in France, be assured that you will have excellent care but be prepared to pay yourself if you do not have proper or adequate medical insurance. However, private treatment costs half or even a third as much as similar treatment in the UK.

Should you need medical attention there are hospitals and clinics in all communities and you can go directly to emergency departments. In general, wait times are not too long and you will be seen immediately if it is a life threatening injury.
'Pharmacie' - Pharmacy or Chemists for prescription and non prescription medicines are easily spotted by the flashing green light on a white background. Supermarkets and hypermarkets stock a limited range of non-prescription medicines, baby needs, cosmetics. A 'Droguerie' sells toiletries, cleaning supplies, many household goods etc. and is not to be confused with a drug store or pharmacy. 
Emergency numbers:
  • Police  -  17
  • Fire (Pompiers)  -  18
  • European Emergency  -  112
  • Ambulance Emergency (SAMU)  -  15
  • SOS Doctor:   +33 (0)5 56 44 74 44
Polyclinique Bordeaux:   05 56 00 26 26 151,  Rue du Tondu, Bordeaux
Centre Jean Abadie:   05 56 79 56 79,
Hôpital Saint- André:  05 56 79 56 79,   1 Rue Jean Burguet, Bordeaux
Note: gives you an overview of all the hospitals in the Bordeaux, Aquitaine region.